Art History and Photography of India

Art History and Photography of India


Set to begin the second week of March, this trip is a cultural experience in itself. Get immersed into the incredible world of Indian art and history and live through the picturesque land of king makers. 

The first week will be spent in the picturesque city of Udaipur where students will attend an intensive art history workshop - engrossed in studies, documentaries and a full on immersion into North Indian culture. Following the completion of the workshops, students will explore eight other incredible sites including Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, Ajanta, Ellora and Mumbai.

Our goal is to provide the most incredible photography opportunities but also respecting traditions, customs and culture.

Program covers all internal related travel, lodging and reasonable food expenses.


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Week 1: Art History Class in Udaipur

Day 1 - Day 6

Landing in Mumbai or Delhi, our students make their way to the incredibly picturesque city of Udaipur in the state of Rajastan. They will spend the mornings and evenings in a variety of activities related to photography, horse riding and hiking. In between these activities, they will dive into the world of Indian art history, understanding how it has shaped and influenced Indian art.

Week 2: Jodhpur & Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

Day 7 - Day 8 

Much of this trip in week 2 will be taken by road, though in comfort. We leave the morning to Jodhpur with a stopover in Ranakpur to see the incredible 15th century Jain temple, reaching Jodhpur in the afternoon. We will immediately set off to some of the key sunset points to photograph the city and set out to a relaxing evening.  The next day, we rise before the sun to find more breathtaking views of the city before heading back to the guest house and engaging in the days activities, including a trip to the fort, lunch at the fort and a trip to the Maharaja's palace before heading out to capture more incredible sunset photographs. 

Day 9 - 12

The next day, we set out early morning to the desert on a trip to Jaisalmer for a desert safari on camel back and visit some of the communities and villages, further engaged in Rajastani culture and setting up for some exceptional photography of sand dunes, and incredible portraits. 

Week 3 - Following the Kings through Jaipur, Delhi and Agra

Day 14 - 15

The next day, we spend the morning and afternoon in beautiful Jaisalmer after which we will catch the evening train from Jaisalmer to Jaipur, arriving early morning. The day will consist of trips to Hava Mahel (wind palace), a walk down the old city and a trip to the Royal Palace. We will then head to Amer Fort to catch some evening photography and head back to the hotel for relaxing dinner. 

Day 16 - 17

We take the morning train to Delhi, arriving before noon. We then set out to the national museum for the afternoon and make our way to Qutub Minar for some evening photography. The next day is spent relaxing - a beautiful walk through Lodi gardens is a recommendation. We spend the evening at the Lotus temple before heading back for dinner and starting on a 4 hour drive to Agra, checking into our hotel and spending the night

Day 18

We rise before the sun to catch a view of the Taj Mahal at Sunset on the Yamuna river - An excellent spot for photography. We then head back and visit the Taj, capturing the details of the architecture and the hidden views that make it such a magical place. The afternoon is spent relaxing. In the evening, we head back to the Yamuna river to capture more breathtaking photographs of the incredible monument and back for dinner and rest.

Week 3/4: Exploring the Magic in Western India

Day 19 - 20

We head back to Delhi then catch our flight to Aurangabad - close to the incredible Ajanta and Ellora Caves. The next day, we make our way to see and photograph both caves, returning in the evening and catching our flight to Mumbai. 

Day 21 - 22

Mumbai is a magical city with an incredible mix of Indian and British architecture. We spend the morning visiting the Chhatrapati Sivaji museum (formerly the Price of Wales Museum). After lunch, we head for a walk down South Mumbai before taking a boat on the Arabian sea for some evening photography, finally ending our photography day at Victoria Terminus with some photographs of the famous train station and the architecture around it. 

Day 23

Still in Mumbai, we compile all the photographs and prepare for the final presentation. Students are free to explore Mumbai and visit some more spaces in the area. In the evening, we come together for a final presentation of some of the best and most memorable photographs, discussing the trip and the experiences lived by each. We say our final goodbyes to one another after an incredible 3 weeks of discovery. 

Day 24: Journey Home

We will checkout of the hotel and arrange necessary airport rides.