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Welcome to our Toronto course page. In addition to the array of courses, we offer follow-up online sessions on Saturdays - free for students that have taken a course with us - allowing us to guide and provide valuable feedback but also share this experience with like minded enthusiasts. 

All classes take place at our new location at 36 Lisgar Street (Closest Subway is Ossington). Please scroll on for more information. 


101A: Beginner Photography Workshop (3 HOURs)

If you've just purchased a camera or looking to finally make the switch from automatic to manual then this course is for you. Rather than having you struggle through countless books and tutorials, this workshop will make the journey seamless but more importantly, help you think like a photographer. A set of exercises are provided to help you with your transition. 

Pre-requisites: None


270D: Composition and Style

In this course, students that already have a good understanding of Manual exposure can engage in a series of exercises meant to deepen their understanding of composition concepts, internalize and apply the theory using the 3 levels of composition thought process.

Pre-requisites: Having a good understanding of Manual Exposure (101 course)


350D: Introspection and personal vision - 4 week course

In this course, students delve deeper into the peripheries of photography - exploring the different genres of photography and the pioneers within, studying the tangibles and intangibles of their style as well as their broader contribution to the field of photography.

Readings and exercises are given to students who meet online on Tuesday and Thursday to discuss the week's topic as well as the week's assignment. Tuesdays are spent for the theoretical discussions whereas Thursdays are spent exploring the photographic assignments that correspond to the- critiquing one another's work and thereby helping one another to gain a deeper understanding of their intrinsic style.

Pre-requisites: 270D or similar


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36 Lisgar Street

Toronto, Ontario M6J 0C7


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