I took course yesterday and was very happy with it. The instructor was an engaging speaker and managed to be both inspire curiosity and passion about photography while teaching us the necessary basics and technicalities of how to photograph well. I will be taking the next possible follow up course and would recommend this course to anyone new to photography. Thanks so much!
— Lisa A
The photo workshop was the missing piece, the piece that joined all the other loose pieces. As a beginner, it clear out many doubts, reassured the basics and took me a step forward into photography. I enjoyed every minute, thanks Arvind for such an experience!
— Cecilia C
I truly enjoyed meeting with you yesterday. I made more progress in understanding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO in one day than I have in the last three years. In the past, I have attended classes that were largely bullet points of information and I do not learn well by rote. The “photography problems” that were included in your booklet were such a wonderful way to unravel practical exposure situations. Thank you also for the Lightroom pdf’s that included problems to practice what I learned about Lightroom. It is clear that you put a great deal of thought in your materials and presentation. It was also clear to me that your goal was not to simply provide information, as much as it was to help me understand the information you provided. Thank you. John S- Vermont
— John S, Vermont
I wanted to say thanks for the class. After years of playing with cameras and not really understanding what I was doing I am now shooting entirely in manual mode, and this after only 3 hours of classes.
— Terry K