The photographs below were taken by students of ours

I wanted to say thanks for the class. After years of playing with cameras and not really understanding what I was doing I am now shooting entirely in manual mode, and this after only 4 hours of classes.
— Beginner 101, Terry K


The photo workshop was the missing piece, the piece that joined all the other loose pieces. As a beginner, it clear out many doubts, reassured the basics and took me a step forward into photography. I enjoyed every minute, thanks Arvind for such an experience!
— Beginner 101, Cecilia C
I truly enjoyed meeting with you yesterday. I made more progress in understanding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO in one day than I have in the last three years. In the past, I have attended classes that were largely bullet points of information and I do not learn well by rote. The “photography problems” that were included in your booklet were such a wonderful way to unravel practical exposure situations. Thank you also for the Lightroom pdf’s that included problems to practice what I learned about Lightroom. It is clear that you put a great deal of thought in your materials and presentation. It was also clear to me that your goal was not to simply provide information, as much as it was to help me understand the information you provided. Thank you. John S- Vermont
— Beginner 101, John S, Vermont


The workshop was extremely helpful, and I enjoyed every minute of the workshop. As a beginner, Arvind helped me be able to take decent photographs, and understand how photograph works. Thank you Arvind.
— Beginner 101, Min P


I was fortunate to find this course through a friend. I had already gotten exposure to the photography world but Arvind helped me transform it to concrete knowledge. I was able to thoroughly understand the theory behind photography and learn about more techniques and photographers that took pictures in my interest range. I enjoyed Arvind’s professionalism, patience, ability to explain concepts (abstract or simple) and genuine love for photography. It made the experience amazing. This course was definitely worth it!

— One to One, Esther N


When I first contacted Arvind, I was immediately struck by his passion in photography, and the promise/structure he promised to deliver. And throughout the classes, he has taught me everything I need to know to jump start my own path and creativity in photography; every lesson is tailored according to the students needs and expectations. Experts and beginners alike are sure to fully enjoy this course, along with a great outing session to put the lessons in practice!

Every penny is worth investing in this complete course, because you’ll be working with a driven expert and very friendly person who’ll help you meet your expectations in photography. I highly recommend Arvind’s courses!
— One-to-One, Sen T


I cannot express how thankful I am to have stumbled across Arvind’s photo course. Arvind is passionate about photography and offers a great balance covering both the technical and artistic aspects. His one-on-one approach means that he can spend extra time on the aspects that the students are more interested in (or need more help in) while going quickly over other areas. This would not be possible in a classroom setting with many students. He also offers very creative homework assignments and projects. If you are remotely interested in photography and have kicked around the idea of taking a course then look no further than this one.
— One-to-One, Santiago O


I’ve enjoyed my photography classes with Arvind immensely. Beyond his likeable personality, my classes with him have helped me move my photography skills to the next level. I’ve also enjoyed our time spent with Lightroom. He’s helped me increase my capabilities with the program and turn my OK pictures into something extra special.
— One-to-One, Lauren T
I am very happy having taken part in Arvind’s class when he first applied his pedagogical concept to a group. I benefited a lot from gathering knowledge about composition and the functionality of cameras. It was furthermore a great pleasure to apply what we had learned in an outing and to process our photos later in ‘lightroom’. During all stages, the heterogeneity of the class contributed to a more profound understanding of photography and enhanced the widening of my point of view about photography. Arvind showed a great talent to deal with the various backgrounds of the participants and answered every individual question in a way that everyone could benefit from it. Furthermore, he managed every organizational challenge with great engagement and flexibility. We all enjoyed working together as a group, learned from each other, and expanded our skills with the help of Arvind’s competence and passion.
— One-to-One, Sophie N