Terms of Service

The following are terms of services between you (the member) and Ambient Life Photography Inc, including the community manager,  and the committee members.


General Guidelines and Structure of Community

The community will operate as its own entity within the structure of Ambient Life Photography Inc. The community will be managed by the community manager and guided by a management committee. A copy of the community structure is available upon request.


Professional Conduct during all community interactions

Community interactions include (but are not restricted to) exchange of emails and other forms of communication between members, interactions with members both within community events as well as outside of formal community setups, interactions with the general public during events – regardless of whether or not they are representing the community or Ambient Life Photography Inc.

All members are to be respectful to one another. All effort should be made to arrive at outings on time. The use of profane language, gender or sexual discrimination, and violent behaviour either towards a member or the general public during any community interaction will lead to immediate expulsion from the group or based on the severity of the situation, may be subject to legal action.

Members are obliged to respect their surroundings and not partake in any activity that will lead to destruction or damage of property. In the event of such destruction, members will accept full liability for their actions and will in no way oblige or require the support or involvement of any kind of Ambient Life Photography Inc, the community manager, committee or fellow members.


Limit of liability
Ambient Life Photography Inc, the community manager and the committee members will in no way be liable to any loss or damage before, during and after community interactions without exception. Members are responsible for their own belongings and safety and may choose not to partake in activities if they don`t feel safe to do so.


Cancellation Policy

Members may cancel their membership at any time by notifying the community manager. Past dues are not reimbursable without exception.  


Confidentiality and Privacy of information

We do not process or store credit card information with the exception of the last 4 digits of the card number. All processing is done by Stripe Inc (www.stripe.com) and Moonclerk (www.moonclerk.com), both of which have been thoroughly researched to ensure your security. However, we cannot eliminate the possibility of security breaches within their systems and will in way be liable in the event that such a breach occurs. We advise you to review the services of both Stripe and Moonclerk before agreeing to our terms and conditions. These can be found on the following pages:
Moonclerk: http://help.moonclerk.com/customer/portal/articles/796016-what-kinds-of-security-measures-does-moonclerk-provide-
Stripe: https://stripe.com/help/security

In the event that Stripe or Moonclerk alert us to a security breach, we will make all efforts to notify you immediately but will not be liable to any loss or damages caused as a result of these processes.


Right of Refusal and Termination

Ambient Life Photography Inc reserves the right to refuse or terminate the membership of any person for any reason we deem appropriate without the need for explanation.

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