The following programs are presently offered and organized by us

At the Montreal Photo Course, we've created some great programs that explore photography through the eyes of both art and purpose

Given once a month, the complete beginners course is given on 3 Saturdays with the express intention of providing an immersion into the world of photography. Lesson 1 looks to build a solid foundation, lesson 2 delves into the artistic characteristics of images in composition and lesson 3 studies lighting and the effect of the most important factor in creating images. These in-class sessions are supplemented with 4 online discussion sessions as well as group photography project

This session is presented to you by our community - a group of our former students that continue to build on their abilities as photographers. Students will take on 2 portrait assignments as a practical transition and as an opportunity to put together the various concepts presented to them in our beginner course. Each of these will be worked on by the students before presented to the community for critiquing after which students will use their feedback and tackle the second portrait assignment, again, presenting their work to the community for feedback.

Scheduled to start Feb 2016 - Our Documentary photography workshop in Kenya is a 3 week immersion where students live together in a beautiful and picturesque setting outside of Kenya's capital, Nairobi. Students will learn interview techniques, discover the photography scene in Nairobi and be mentored by established photojournalists in the region in pursuing their own photography projects. Our team pre-selects the projects and forms the necessary partnerships to ensure both the safety and smooth running of the project.

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January 2016 - Discover India: Photography and Art History
This particular program is unique in that rather than simply dabbling with tour guides that speak in monotonous pitches, we introduce a program that brings out a philosophical overview of Indian art. Students will congregate in the picturesque James Bond lake city of Udaipur, where, living together, they will indulge in a serenade of India's culture - being exposed to its aesthetic history and the diverse cultural groups that have shaped it. 

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