Our Approach

The commitment - When you sign up to take one of our classes, do so with the confidence that you are going to travel with us on a journey through the wonderful world of photography. Each and every one of our students is important to us and we see to it that they get the most of their investment, both in terms of time and money. 

The Structure - Our classes are structured to keep you attentive and focused and upon completing this, we follow up with you to ensure that you internalize the core concepts and build an excellent foundation. Our assignments and assessments are worked through to ensure that we understand your challenges and have a recipe for practical advice. If ever you have questions on the material covered, you can always attend our office hours. 

The practical approach - What is important to us is that you're able to build an excellent understand both from a theoretical as well as a practical perspective. Our goal therefore is to carefully walk you through all the steps in real life settings, train your eyes and offer you valuable feedback on your work, constantly suggesting improvements. Each time you attend our practical outings, you will be one step closer to become the kind of photographer you always wanted to be. 

The community - Creating a vibrant and valuable community is essential. Our goal is to ensure that we're making activities as fun as possible, because ultimately, this is why you got into photography. We have several events ranging from exhibitions to slide nights to photography contests as well as other creative competitions that make the entire process exciting.

The Values - We are a people company. We create value by offering value and we want to make it such that each and every person that comes in contact with us is not only satisfied but also inspired by our world and the world of photography. 

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