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Thank you for visiting the Montreal Photography Course. We provide courses at all levels and pride ourselves in creating a valuable structure that transforms our students from people that appreciate to people that create. All our workshops and courses are extensive and seek to inspire people to capture the beauty that is around them. Whether you have a curious interest in photography that you would like to take further or wish to explore the depths of this wonderful field, we have a program for you. 

Please choose one of the following for more information

This course covers a holistic aspect of photography and helps students run through all the details and workflows of photographers. We will look at different situations and highlight the most practical and creative aspects of photography.

This course is for people that want something more personalized. Whether you have a project in mind or wish to learn photography at your own pace, this program gives you the special attention and guidance. 

This is a course for people that believe they just haven't had enough of us. We go more in depth and address various practical applications of photography - primarily in portraiture, reportage and street photography.

This is a course for those of us that want to get involved in our communities and tell the stories around us. We combine interviews, presentation and photography to create a unique experience like no other. 

Praises for our Courses

I made more progress in understanding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO in one day than I have in the last three years.
— John S, Vermont
After years of playing with cameras and not really understanding what I was doing I am now shooting entirely in manual mode, and this after only 4 hours of classes
— Terry K
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