One way to really get good with composition is following through with the composition thought process. Using a piece of paper, critique six out of the thirteen photographs below. Remember that the purpose of the exercise is to learn to see and observe.

Mention the following (but don't limit yourself to only these) in your critiques:

- Lighting (what is the lighting like)
- Is the image simple in it's story and composition?
- What other characteristics do you see? (leading lines, rule of thirds, textures, patterns, etc)
- What would you tell this photographer to do differently?

You may simply list them as bullet points, photograph your critiques and send them to me via email or take it through to a word file and type it all out. Please simply mention your image number and then begin your critique.

I won't really 'grade' your assignments per say, but I will be looking for details and effort. There really isn't a wrong answer, and don't worry about feeling like an imposter. Try to get as involved as possible and try to just enjoy yourself. 

See you at the Practice Outing...