Christina Moro was one of our first students whose feedback and encouragement were instrumental in crafting course material and pushing us forward with our numerous projects. Incredibly, talented, she has always been one to explore and experiment, having dabbled into the world of film photography, landscape and portraits. She presently has her own site and is open to take on assignments. An engineer by training, she has also pursued various entrepreneurial ventures and a member of Next36. Christina continues her studies in Robotics at the University of Toronto but is available for shoots and assignments. 

You may visit her site at 

Hala Armouti  has been an avid fan of Steve McCurry and a great knack for portrait photography. In 2014, she held an exhibition of her work as part of an event called 'Exposure on Black' in Amman, Jordan.

She studied South Asian studies at Concordia University in Montreal and has a keen interest on cultures and people, making her great at winning the trust of strangers to be photographed, an extraordinary feat, even by McCurry's standards.

If you wish to hire her, please write to us using the contact page and we'll be happy to put you in touch.

Michael Doble started his photography journey in 2013 with us and has been part of the community's committee, a group of four people that manage the community activities. He has developed a strong eye for capturing intimate portraits and an experimental approach that has helped him build his own style and approach.

If you wish to contact Michael for a photoshoot, please write to us and we'll be happy to you in touch with him. 


Lauren Tascan approached us when she was already quite proficient. She essentially got into photography to document some of her great travels but also to photograph her kids as they grew older, probably the biggest reason for recent mothers that have showed up to our classes. She a great eye for composition and a sense of humour that will put almost anyone at ease. 

If you wish to contact Lauren for a shoot, please write to us and we'll be happy to put you in touch. 

Michael came to us as a typical engineer. The Chief Operating Officer of Axelerant, Michael is found at different times in different parts of the world. Michael looks for exciting moments and takes great pleasure in the interactions that photography often leads to. He's very passionate about the open source community and their contributions to the world and can often be found at various meetups and conferences, provided he is in a city near you. 

You can reach Michael through his personal website and get a better idea of where he is and what he's upto: PEIMIC

Sara started her photography journey with us and brings with her an excitement and passion for photography that is very contagious. She's very keen on experimenting and learning as well as encouraging others within the community when posted in our slack group. Sara is a Post-Doc fellow at McGill and originally from Italy. 

You can reach her by getting in touch with us. 

Arvind started Ambient Life and taught the courses before passing over responsibilities to Ian and Alex. He is still actively involved in the community and development of photographers and is involved in building programs - both in Montreal as well as elsewhere around the world. 

You can reach Arvind through the contact page - though he doesn't live in Montreal - shuffling at present between Kenya and India.