A shoot with Santiago

It has been a while since I last wrote in the blog and part of it has to do with the fact that we've been working out course structures and course materials more broadly. With the introduction of the 350D class and a number of students that are specifically geared towards the social media landscape, it highlighted the importance of communication but also, as people that propagate 'Practice' - shouldn't we also do our fair share of photographing? I suppose we have been all along and the next set of blog posts will try to make up for the deficit of images.

This post will focus on a decision to push portraiture and lifestyle images and projects are part of our coursework as well my own personal work - as I've realized that this is something that I do enjoy, in addition to the documentary and storytelling focus. 

With 350D (and a bit with 250D), we're now moving towards being an integral part of generating content from our students and guiding people through their experiences. I hope that this space, in addition to discussing elements of style and the beauty behind photography and visual arts, will showcase the incredible works of our students both during as well as after their course with us.

So to start with, I present a shoot that I did with Santiago Oleas - one of my first students and someone that has always been a supporter of my creative initiatives (as well as those of many people that he knows). Ever traveling and ever working hard, I've come to admire my conversations and interactions with him and this shoot was yet another opportunity for us to spend time together.

I use a beauty dish for the shoot to work with hard and yet flattering light, which I've always felt - gives character and personality. During a discussion with a student, he mentioned something about faces with a story and I immediately thought of some powerful portraits that we've seen by McCurry or Salgado but that lighting and working with light can bring about a story and as photographers - the onus is on us to bring out that story.  From a personal stand point, I hope that these posts will highlight the efforts of photographers to bring out these stories as well as an excuse for me to set out on these encounters to know people and understand their story. Here's to beginnings...