Why you should shoot film if you can

I'm a bit of a romantic when it comes to film photography. It's a dying breed and is quite literally is killing entire crop of styles where photographers relied on a particular type of film as part of their style. Digital enthusiasts have tried to replicate this but I think it's a long shot away from having the true and remarkable experience of photographing with a film camera. 

I decided to write this article as I went on a journey to organize and pick out some of my best photographs but also some of the ones that are most special to me - without being my best. 

One thing that I distinctly can say about film is that incredible feeling you get from seeing the final results. After the anticipation for hours, weeks or months following the shot, suddenly comes that one photograph that is so special and perfect to you. 

If you do you own processing, then this all the more special; that every part of the process was carefully crafted by you. Everything from the choice of film with it's characteristics, your lens, the choice of developer, the temperature and time that you process the film, all craft into something very personal - with the result not being as generic as those with a digital camera. Yes, this is just the processing of film. Those that venture into darkrooms have an entire world of options just waiting for them.

With the experience it provides, it's rather shocking that film photography is in last legs and in fact, colour photography and medium format is in its dying days. Years down the line, those wanting to do photography with any kind of chemistry must rely on more intense processes. 

Here are a couple of photos that I have taken since my beginnings in photography.