Photography as a Journey

Looking back to look forward is often a good idea to put things into perspective. When I think of the journey that many students are beset on, I often try to invoke the same degree of passion among them that my friends and I had when we started off in photography. 

I wouldn't say that it has much to do with technicalities. These are just a tiny bit the blossoming of photographers. Many photographers simply practice training their eyes and this is something rather important. They look for inspiration and immerse themselves in the challenging pursuit of better composition - not just better in the sense of text books definitions of composition but better in the sense that each of their images invokes a sense of perspective that is original. 

Originality in photography is not something easy to find and many photographers spend their lives looking for it but I try to push my own photography to a certain intimacy. If the portrait is intimate, then there is a certain unimaginable power to it.

In my opinion (and this is something I say to all my students), following the 'rules' of composition is good but only to a point of reference. What you really need to do is to follow a photographer and a photographer's style. For some, that is something as queer as Terry Richardson while I personally prefer the ways of Sebastiao Salgado. 

I invite you to make it your prerogative to find inspiration and study the styles of various artists and push yourself to take photographs that will inspire you. We are presently working on a very creative workshop that pushes people to look through the works of various photographs and help people find inspiration. 

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We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our workshops. 

We are always students of photography but this period was one of immense creativity and development in my talent. This happens to be one of my best friends who I got close to because of photography. As we look forward, it's always a nice idea to look back. 

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