A Project on Peace

On September 21st, gunmen stormed the gates of Nairobi's Westgate mall and opened fire on innocent civilians. There were stories of great heroes that stood in the way of fire in order to rescue others but the horrific incident had 72 fatalities with many more injured and lasting four days. 

The mall being 5 minutes from my parents home in Nairobi, it was my most frequented place and the pressure on the Kenyan diaspora was immense, as they stood by unable to do anything to help the situation.

It's always difficult to imagine situations of atrocity and the truth is that we view them with a sense of abstractness in general. This, until it hits us. Perhaps this is the reason that the international community doesn't act or act in time to help their brethren, completely unable to grasp or understand the scale of the problem or adequately empathize with their plight. 

Our own realizations were more acute, as it is always the case that people can always be helped. It is perhaps a sense of loneliness that breeds hatred and this intern breeds more hatred. Rather than succumb to a vicious cycle that leaves everyone blind, we decided to do what we could to unite people together. 



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