A day in South Mumbai

In August 2015, I made a trip to India and spent quality time In Mumbai (or Bombay as I would eventually refer to it to show that I was a local). This is a day spent in the Southern part of the city which I found quite exciting and which had a lot of British architecture. This post represents some of the lessons that I wanted to share with my students.

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Mount Suswa

Spending time in Kenya, One of my favourite photographers and best friend - Tobin Jones invited me to accompany him to Mount Suswa which was only a few hours away from Nairobi. It would be a good time to leave as Nairobi's horrific traffic would only be significantly worsened by President Barack Obama's visit. In the end, we found a world that cared little for power and prestige and I was fortunate to get some incredibly beautiful photos in the making. 

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