101A: Beginners Photography (Montreal)

101A: Beginners Photography (Montreal)


Class capacity: Maximum 6 people per class

Welcome to 101A: Beginner Photography. This is a legacy course designed to provide you with a great foundation in manual photography and allow you to think like a photographer. 101A will keep you at the edge of your seat whilst working through various concepts and exercises and give you the tools you need to work out your creative vision. 

Date and Time:

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone that is starting out in photography and wants a great course to transition them from knowing absolutely nothing to speaking the camera lingo and thinking like a photographer in 3 hours. We'd probably say that it's the best short photography course in Montreal.

Course structure

Course Duration: 3 Hours
Time: 10AM to 1PM
Location: 397a Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Quebec

Pre-requisites: This course does not require any pre-requisites

General Description

The course is offered on Saturdays morning and covers concepts of Exposure where students will learn how the camera works and how different settings are defined by different objectives. Students can expect to feel a sense of mastery over the technical details of exposure, strengthened by exercises that are provided by us.

Next we get into the process of 'thinking like a photographer' - exposing students to different scenarios and situations and getting them to reason as to how to achieve creative photographs using exposure settings.

More Details

101A is an exciting and insightful beginner course that is short but impactful in the information provided as well as the importance we give to understanding the process as well as applying them to different scenarios and situations.

Topics covered include:
- The Manual Photography Process and how the camera works
- The language of light and how to quantify light in photography
- Creative exposure - choosing what is important to get that creative shot
- The Light meter and the workings of the light meter
- The Photography Thought Process and Scenarios

We provide students with a booklet/manual as well as a set of exercises to help them transition from theory to practice.

Answers to your questions

Who can take this course?

Anyone with a camera that allows them to shoot in Manual mode can take this course

What can I expect from this course as a Before and After comparison?

Perhaps you've just bought your camera or you've read some books and watched some youtube videos and played around with your camera. We know from our former students that this can be both boring and very time consuming. Our class will take you from knowing nothing (shooting in Automatic) to having a really good understanding of exposure concepts. What's more, the classes are always a lot of fun, so you'll end up really feeling good about your journey.

How many students are there per class?

There are 6 students per class, making the course small and engaging.