350D: Introspection and personal vision - 4 week course

350D: Introspection and personal vision - 4 week course

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In this course, we dive deeper into the peripheries of photography - exploring the works of the pioneers, different genres of photography and the styles within that make them special.

Readings and exercises are given to students who meet online on Tuesday and Thursdays to discuss the week's topic as well as the week's assignment - critiquing one another's work and thereby helping one another to gain a deeper understanding. Through small and intimate groups of between 4-6 students, the course offers a way to improve one’s technique and workflow as well as explore and experiment with other styles.


Above: Images taken from our last set of student - Terrence, Joseph and Eileen

Who is this course for?

Although there aren’t any pre-requisites for this course, the course is perfect for students that are comfortable with their camera and are looking for an avenue of expression. For this reason, students that have done the 270D course would find this course to be organic next step in the photographic journey.

Course Structure:

Online Discussions

Tuesday 8PM-9PM: Critiquing exercises, readings, and Documentary overview
Thursday 8PM-9PM: Critiquing of photographs taken during the past weekend

Weekend: Photoshoot to be done at student’s convenience

Independent review: Students will have an independent review at the start, mid and end of the course, to tailor the student's focus and experience. These reviews will last between 30minutes to an hour and will be scheduled separately.

Week 1: Foundations

Introduce students to critiquing exercises and go over the complete list of photographers that we will actively study as well as go over the list of documentaries (and other relevant videos) that need to be watched.  

Shoot focus: Students can choose any theme from the weeks to follow.

Week 2: Photographic History and Aesthetic Form in Composition

Class focus: Review of the history of photography and the basic foundations of aesthetic form and good composition.
Shoot Focus: Defining Good composition within a portrait and street photographic environment

Week 3: Portrait work and a study of the 'greats' of portrait photography

Class focus: A Review of Portrait lighting, posing techniques and body language in photography. Study of the works of some great portrait photographers of our time. 
Shoot focus: Organized Portrait shoot

Week 4: Stories of Intensity - Documentary Photography and the power of photography

Class focus: A review of the power of photography in telling a story and a study of several photos and photographers which have reflected photography's storytelling ability and an introduction to storyboarding.

Shoot focus: Put together a documentary from everyday life, inspired from the week’s study