350D: Introspection and Practice - 6 Week Intensive course


350D: Introspection and Practice - 6 Week Intensive course


4 hours (class-time) per week for 6 weeks (18 sessions).

This course is designed as the next step for students that have completed the 250D course and would like to firmly establish both confidence in their approach and workflow as well as the emergence of their personal style in composition. Students are exposed to composition theories, different photographers and a study of their styles (and influences) digital editing processes/workflow and finally - 6 shoots out of which 4 should be chosen for their portfolio.


Each week, students will get exposed to a set of different photographers and critique ten photographs, watch up to 2 documentaries, Work on a set of photographs in lightroom (their own as well as some practice images), and do a shoot the late afternoon on Saturdays. Students will be assessed, supported and given feedback on their work during the shoot. Every Tuesday and Thursday, there will be online discussions (which will also be recorded to be viewed later) on classroom assignments, but also personal work and lightroom critiquing.

Your output: This course is synchronized with Adobe's creative cloud and we're hopeful that the course will culminate in at least 4 incredible sets for your portfolio. 

Who is this course for?

We require that you have either done the 250D course or it's equivalent. Our first week consists of a review of concepts but these will not be suitable for absolute beginners. If you do believe that you are a good fit for the course, we will administer a placement test.

If you have not done the 250D course, please click the link below to set up for a placement test

Course Structure:

The following is a general structure for the course. Details are available in the Course Syllabus. The goal is to provide enough exposure to students during the week to help them prepare for the Saturday shoot.

Online Discussions

Tuesday 8PM-9PM: Critiquing exercises and Documentary overview
Thursday 8PM-9PM: Photoshoot and Lightroom techniques critiquing and introduction to relevant new techniques

In-person session

Saturday Shoot

Week 1: Foundations

We will review the syllabus and discuss the general outline of the course, introduce students to critiquing exercises and go over a complete list of photographers that we will actively study as well as the documentaries (and relevant other videos) that we will watch. Students will receive a USB stick with photographs that they will need to work on each week as part of their Lightroom (editing) exercises. 

Shoot focus: street photography work and candid images with the group being 'on the move'. 

Week 2: Photographic History and Aesthetic Form in Composition

Class focus: Review of the history of photography and the basic foundations of aesthetic form and good composition.
Shoot Focus: Defining Good composition within a portrait and street photographic environment

Week 3: Portrait work and a study of the 'greats' of portrait photography

Class focus: A Review of Portrait lighting, posing techniques and body language in photography. Study of the works of some great portrait photographers of our time. 
Shoot focus: Organized Portrait shoot

Week 4: Aesthetic form 2 and patterns in photography

Class focus: Digging deeper into the question of aesthetic forms - structures of good composition and design, a review of aesthetic form - colours and subject placement as well as exploring chemistry between objects, shapes and colours.
Shoot focus: Combining Portraiture and street photography with special attention to aesthetic form.

Week 5: Stories of Intensity - Documentary Photography and the power of photography

Class focus: A review of the power of photography in telling a story and a study of several photos and photographers which have reflected photography's storytelling ability and an introduction to storyboarding.
Shoot focus: We set out to partner with an organization (or a person) to tell a story.

Week 6: Review of concepts and Compilation of portfolio

Class focus: Personalized week with a review of concepts learned, a review of progresses made through on-going assessments, a critique of the best photographs from the sessions and discussions on how to improve on technique, composition and personal visions.
Shoot focus: A final project done either in groups or individually and guided by the instructor. 

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