The Beginnings

We started our venture in 2013 in a small classroom rented from a design studio. The approach was always personal, where we started each class by serving tea. Students always had a choice, except that we only had Earl Grey. While the course, the broader program, and the structure on the whole has since changed since those early days (not that long ago), we retain our focus on being personable and supportive.

We are constantly at the drawing boards - designing and improving our courses - but with a relentless drive to consistently embody this personable approach and see students through to the other side.

We hope that you too will be part of this journey. If you have any queries about our course or the broader structure, please feel free to write to us using the contact form below. 



Arvind Eyunni started the school in 2013. He still instructs the courses as well as designs the programs. He studied Economics and International Development at McGill University, where he was also in charge of the student-run darkroom. It was here that he gave courses in darkroom printing techniques and film development. Arvind is passionate about photography's role in storytelling and recounting the human experience - with the belief that heroes are, indeed, everywhere. Many of his photographs, as a result, have a focus on international development. 

In 2014, as part of the Nola Project initiative on girl child education, Arvind's photographs from the Kakuma Refugee camp were exhibited at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Some of his photographs are showcased below.

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