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Whether you've just purchased a camera and want to get started, consider yourself seasoned but struggling with your creativity and workflow or looking for new and exciting experiences in this wonderful city, we've got you covered.

Through small classes, a personalized approach and a collaborative environment, we are confident that your time with us will unleash the creative within.




101A: Beginner Photography Workshop (3 HOURs)

If you've just purchased a camera or looking to finally make the switch from automatic to manual then this course is for you. Rather than having you struggle through countless books and tutorials, this workshop will make the journey seamless but more importantly, help you think like a photographer. A set of exercises are provided to help you with your transition. 

Pre-requisites: None


250D: Comprehensive beginner photography - Weekend workshop (14 HOURS)

250D is a complete and comprehensive weekend course (Saturday + Sunday) encompassing beginner photography, composition, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and 2 portrait assignments (one at the end of each day). The course is just the beginning of a long and beautiful journey in photography as we support our students through numerous assignments and help them build their portfolio.

Pre-requisites: None


350D: Introspection and practice - 6 week intensive course

We're incredibly excited about 350D. It exposes students to a guided and consistent workflow process for 6 weeks, refining their approach, introducing them to inspiring artists and all the while providing enough introspection to find themselves among the great photographers. Creativity exercises and practical projects are designed to ensure that students not only develop their techniques but also their unique style in what is one of the most exciting courses on offer.

Pre-requisites: 250D or Passing of Placement Test

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